i spent 50 hours massaging them into shape. For those of you looking for something bigger again check out our 3V Pro Series heads. . 30 gears. So I contacted Al and we started on a cylinder head project. Steel billet splayed main caps for chevy dove ? block sprint car usac 355(US $50. The Dove Heads exhaust ports quit flowing above . Price includes cleaning, resurfacing, full port job and re-seat of valves. Nearly 290 cfm with just a valve job & blend. All submissions will be given credit as to source. Trick Flow products perform as advertised and exceed customer's expectations for performance and value. Titanium intake valves, Manley Stainless Exhaust. You can now have delivered to your front door a pair of ported, assembled, D0VE-C's (or any other iron castings I have available), a recurved and remanned dura spark distributor and a custom ground comp cams cam kit consisting of a cam, lifters, 3 key roller timing set, matched springs, retainers, locks, guideplates, rocker studs and spring cups. With forged components and fully CNC-ported heads this engine delivers power and durability running on premium pump fuel. I bought a 48 ford truck with a c6 transmission and a 460? engine. . 16. The High Ports are designed for large cubic inch engines or smaller engines running lots of nitrous or boost. 600" exhaust valve job. We have seen these heads add 75 hp over a set of ported "E7" 5. ccmlds-10 low dry std block - 10. Nov 01, 2016 · Trick Flow’s DHC Small Block Chevy cylinder heads on display at the 2016 SEMA Show in Las Vegas. Center bolt cylinder heads. it is his weekend cruiser that well north of 600 rwhp. 00. CNC Ported for 2. These heads are fully CNC ported and have our priority racing valve job. 135. 600 in. Jan 04, 2013 · FYI, if your Gal engine has the C1AE or C4AE heads, they are basically the same general casting as the low riser/CJ type heads except with the smaller valves, so if you rebuild yours, you can just add the 2. 2079 CNC Aluminum Cylinder Head Big Block Ford 429/460 w/Hydr Edelbrock 60699 Ford 429/460 Performer RPM Cylinder Head Speedmaster PCE281. 460 Ford Heads. Equipped with the mildy ported heads, COMP cam and Weiand intake, the junkyard 460 stepped up with peak numbers of 437 hp at 5,700 rpm and 507 lb-ft of torque at 3,600 rpm. i will be getting a 228/23x 111+4lsa cam for the car and just go from there. Lingenfelter offers a CNC ported version of the LS1 style aluminum cylinder head used on the 1999 - 2007 5. 700 lift, I find the money spent on having someone port a set a heads is money wasted. 7 degrees and supported by 310cc intake ports; exhaust valves are 1. We provide a variety of 429 Heads for your vehicle needs. trick flow makes 2 different heads for the big block ford; the steet heads and the A heads. 080" Intake valve job and 1. That's how I know that you have to clean up the ports or pay extra for CNC ported heads to out horse ported iron heads. All have an improved "Cobra Jet" intake port which is capable of peak flow in the 410 cfm range. 00) Chrysler273/360 comp. heads CNC PORTED setup for RACE and solid roller up to 7. These heads flow over 350 CFM. Another thing cool about these heads, they flow more unported than Barrys own “Stage X” ported Edelbrocks for less money. No matter what you're driving, we have the right 460 Ford Heads for your automobile more than competing heads with similar port sizes. They are factory valve angles (just like the original DOVE DOOE D3VE heads) and valve spacing. 02" / 1. Blue Thunder has long been known as a leading manufacturer of high performance cylinder heads for 460 Ford high performance and racing engines. To my surprise, the most interesting part of the cylinder head build-up was the education I received during the process. [Question] Which 4500 Flange intake for Ported DOVE Ford 460 Heads? Yes another Ford Question. With that part number they created about 6 or 7 different versions of the B-460 Pro Stock heads. Dart Little M block. Ford 302 351c Cleveland 235cc 68cc Cnc Solid-ft Complete Aluminum Cylinder Heads. cam cam and lift; Skunk2 adjustable cam gears; Rhs 54503 ls7 heads designed for ls1, ls2, ls6 blocks 266cc pro elite cnc ported(US $1,500. CNC Ported 044™ Cylinder Heads; 044™ Cylinder Heads; Panchito 044™ Factory Heads; Street Eliminators; Competition Eliminators; Strip Dominators; Match Ported Manifolds; Valve Covers & Accessories; Barrel Shims/Spacers & Copper Head Gaskets; Cylinder Head Stud Kits & Accessories; Engine Kits & Engine Parts. - Car Craft Magazine CNC Fully Ported Heads: The Ultimate in Ported Cylinder Heads. All the pictures below are of fully ported Cylinder Heads and Intake Manifolds. The BRODIX 8B 1000 aluminum block has conquered the late model and sprint car markets. Small Block BRODIX® Blocks. Engines are really just air pumps. For a street strip head they are great! For a race head they are great! I'd rather have a set of heads that are seat and valve Simi ready to run. Flow data listed on the www. F460 heads. c. At an additional 600 dollar cost for the CNC job Buy them once and be done I do not restrict the oil to my rockers I run factory shafts with 550LBS of spring pressure on the nose optional cnc porting add $500 (note then the intake runner are 325cc and chambers to 78cc) Add valve train setup for hyd roller or solid flat tappet $250 Add valve train setup for solid roller camshaft $450 Eliminator Products iron heads See Eliminator heads page for more info Assembled with BHP one piece valves With five versions of the ROUSH FE available to choose from each is built off Shelby aluminum blocks. These heads come standard with a 60cc chamber, assembled in our facility with 21-4N stainless 2. The DOVE heads are . CNC ported and port design by HVH. It had a retro fit roller cam set up that cost me as much or more than the al. 800 lift $2695. This is a brand new OEM production BOSS 302R 4-valve cylinder head casting that has been CNC ported by Ford Racing to increase air flow and overall performance of your 5. CJHP cnc ported heads. 00 pair kaase-p51 special built guide plates $45. C Automotive also offers early 289, early 302, E7, and 351 W heads. 3, LS1, LS6, LS2, LQ4/9) to us for porting. com THANXX guys !! complete cylinder heads for flat tappet cam $2595. $1,909. Engine Masters, presented by AMSOIL, is an all-new show featuring parts testing and engine-to-engine shootouts. 427 DECK DART 4-BOLT. The comments mention Patriot heads? Did they make FE ones too? Never heard of ProMaxx FE heads, wonder how many types there are out there nowadays? BBM Blue Thunder Dove Edelbrock Pond Shelby Steven -Are those ones maybe marketed as Pro Maxx? Survival Motorsports That is eight brands , some with several variations available. The Blue Thunder 460 cylinder head is available in six configurations. ” That meant no cheating by using a set of Ford Cleveland-style heads. what can you expect from a cam like a S cam and a set of stock valve heads and headers?100rwhp? This 496 was based on a 1973 vintage 454 2-bolt block, a SCAT 4340 crankshaft, the Manley 6. 375″, 3 Edelbrock Performance Cylinder heads are manufactured of A356 aluminum and made in the USA for AMC, Buick, Chevy, Chrysler, Ford, Oldsmobile, & Pontiac engines. Discover Ford 460 Heads on sale right here with the biggest option of Ford 460 Heads anywhere online. Once your usable cores have made their way to us, LME will refund the cost of the cores. Also what year car should I use for reference since my local parts store are far from knowledgeable. 429/460 Ford Cylinder Heads. Discover Ford 429 Heads on sale right here with the biggest choice of Ford 429 Heads anywhere online. 8125″x 1. This is Bob Meisch beautiful 2002 Mustang GT. Vw Motorsport Ford Motorsport LS2 long block 505HP CNC ported cathedral heads 58x Thompson Motorsports SN6518. This combination of Performer RPM heads, optimized flow, and port shape will wake up that 455. One will get iron CJ heads, and the other a set of BBM castings. $7,000. The price listed is for you sending your cathedral port cylinder heads (4. The least expensive online catalog for all your Ford 429 Heads needs. 460 D0VE-C Head Porting They're in pretty good shape, so I'm going to clean up the exhaust ports a bit, see how they cmpare with the D3VE-A2A heads I'm running now! Heres a comparison between the 2 different castings, then bfore and after of the port work! These heads are made in the same style as the Edlebrock Victor cylinder heads. 0 Coyote GT. Combustion chambers are engineered for optimum swirl and quench right out of box. Mar 17, 2006 · Unable to afford a pair CNC-ported heads, than read this article to see how you can do your own porting job for relatively cheap. We can CNC valve job and resurface your Edelbrock RPM 460 CJ castings and componets for $1,500 Aug 18, 2015 · After installation of the heads with fresh Fel Pro head gaskets and ARP head bolts, the 460 was run once again on the engine dyno. Started by 6TH STREET STEP CHILD, 02-26 Trick Flow Specialties is a leading designer and manufacturer of high performance cylinder heads, intake manifolds, and engine components. Notes: P. That’s right, even Magnum owners can now use readily available LA engine parts such as intake manifolds and valve covers. Coupe Devil wrote:Can't swing a set of aluminum heads right nowWho in the Southeast can help me out with porting these Doves? I'd get the MadPorters instructions and do them myself but don't have the equipment access I use to have. Dove Heads. Mike wanted the 438 to be a true “Windsor. We start with Dart 200cc/64cc head and CNC port them to 225cc intake runners and 72cc combustion chambers. 7 5/19/16 Power Port® 429/460 Aluminum Cylinder Heads Thank you for purchasing Trick Flow Power Port 429/460 aluminum cylinder heads designed for the Ford 429/460. Livernois had been very busy in those 12 short days after their baseline tests. Our Work. Trickflow Powerport A460 Cnc Ported Cylinder Head Big Block Ford 360cc Bbf 429 1. 390 427 428 Ford Medium Riser High Tunnel Port Dove Hi. Lem and I refer to these heads as the Bastard Pro Stock heads. TFS-DP-19 Rev. 429 460 High Performance 75cc Closed Chamber Cyl Heads Ford C8ve C9ve Dove D0ve. The P51 heads are Cobra Jet-style assemblies featuring combustion chambers that are CNC-machined to 72cc and fitted with 2. Find great deals on eBay for indy cylinder heads and mopar indy cylinder heads. the engine has DOVE-C heads, a 2 bbl carb and manifold and 460 stamped Beautifully CNC ports and combustion chambers for port to port accuracy that’s awe inspiring. CNC Ported Big Block Ford 460 75cc/295cc 2. LS1 Aluminum Cylinder Heads CNC LS1 small block chevy heads Avenger 228cc A356 aluminum heads fully CNC, 67cc combustion chamber, 2. 00 Dec 16, 2008 · The heads are fitted with 2. Ron Robart’s 1987 Ford Mustang coupe gets a “Fox Lake Power Products Inc Buckshot 427” Windsor 427 block, Scat crank and rods, Diamond flat top pistons, stage 2 high port heads by Fox Lake/ Trickflow, custom cam by Ron Robart. We also recommend that there be no grinding of the port floor because its already too low from the factory. Aside from being made out of aluminum and being lighter then their Cast Iron counterparts Aluminum Heads offer greater heat dissipation allowing for higher compression to be used in street applications. 5L/460 Cylinder Heads with Aluminum Cylinder Head Material and get Free Shipping on Orders Over $99 at Summit Racing! CNC Comp Ported, Assy, 78cc CNC Increase the horsepower and torque output of your 4-valve 5. 880" exhaust valve in them. 19/1. The BRODIX blocks are 100% CNC machined in-house and offer many deck heights, lightening programs, cam bearings, and main cap options. Looking for Ford 429 Heads today? Find Ford 429 Heads and other automotive parts and accessories for sale on Ebay. Iron Eliminator Products F460 heads Jan 27, 2010 · 2. $1,450. But the power isn’t the impressive thing about this car. Valve cover needed any valve cover for factory 460 will work Valve cover rails have been raised for extra clearance while using standard height Valve covers. I wanted to be sure that I gave the iron heads a fair shake, and I actually may have favored them a bit, in terms of time spent. 320 call Aluminum Cylinder Heads are a great choice for racing and higher horsepower street applications. Make a list of all the points you want from a car, in addition to all the lives it should do. Iron Eliminator Products. Cylinder heads, as manufactured, are usually suboptimal due to design and manufacturing constraints and choices. Before & After Photos-FE Specialties incorporates the latest technology in head porting techniques to insure that we are getting the most out of each engine. And more are using MBE’s C460 Big Block Ford heads to join the ranks of the victors at the race track every week. Please don't go comparing these flow numbers to a set of ported this, that and another type of I could use the same bottom-end as my C-stocker yet run un-ported aluminum heads and intake plus a Holley 850 carburetor. Our casting is fully CNC ported by Keith Craft Racing, making it a definite player in high performance at a price that will destroy the competition. Certain Dove Letterlove To All orders ship free. The strength and durability of this block is unmatched by any competitors in the industry. Patterned after the popular Edelbrock heads, 95cc Combustion Chamber,Open Chambers, 275cc Intake Runners, . 1970 HT Holden •Standard stroke 308 black motor, balanced all match ground bottom •H304 crane cam with improved oil feed to main bearing •Ported VN heads to match ported Harrop intake •750 DP Holley with all improved internals •Fireball ignition with a M5D6 and two step •Timing chain dampener fitted through old fuel pump site •The Cylinder Heads. CNC ported heads that I scored on 390 fe heads available for purchasing now. 2 Hemi Alcohol Heads Sets Complete - T&D Rocker Arms. 25-inch intake valves, canted 4. ford aluminum 460 heads - compare prices at BuyCheapr. Yep, I run a 82 Merc Zephyr with a 460, C-6, 9" detroit with 4. It sports a procharger D-1 blower set up for 13 lbs, installed and tuned by JPC racing. 60" valves, . 08 x 1. Ford Racing Cylinder Heads. Although fully ported heads would have flowed more, pocket porting is the best bang for the buck. 65 valves and have what they call the "poor man's low riser"- I'm getting ready to do a set of C4's for my '69 Ranchero GT The Edelbrock #60675 Performer RPM cylinder heads are designed for 1968-87 429/460 Big-Block Ford applications. New and Used Car and Truck Parts and Accessories On Sale Products Heads Cnc Ported Bbf Cjhp Jun 17, 2016 · Cylinder Heads and Valvetrain. If you want to be the “King of the Street” and understand that cylinder heads are the key to making unbelievable power, this is what you want. 1 horse power to the tires through a stock automatic transmission and 2800 stall torque converter, that's a whopping 51 horse power over the stock heads and cams. In the history of Hot Rods and Muscle Cars, the number 427 brings back plenty of “Magic Memories”. 429 Heads. The Shocker 200 CNC ported Ford FE is exactly what the FE community has needed. It includes spacer plates, sealed to the base intake adapter with O-rings, which are CNC ported along with the intake adapter to allow the 351C intake to fit. The biggest thing about porting stock heads is the area just under the valves. Assembled with (note cnc porting makes the intake runners 360cc and chambers are 85cc) Optional titanium intake   4 Oct 2007 The exhaust port is poor flowing as cast (all factory 429/460 iron heads are), but fortunately they can be ported and this transfoms the D0VE  LS3 CNC Ported Assem Heads, Manley Valves. d0ve heads do they require center bolt valve covers or will my EFI valve covers work on these heads. What Is Cylinder Head Porting, And How Does It Increase Horsepower? It's a job for only the most-skilled of mechanics, but head porting can lead to some impressive power gains if performed properly —BBM FE Cylinder Heads. 400″ thick deck for use with nitrous, ultra high compression, and turbo/superchargers Oval Ports-Intake 2. Presenting 429 Heads in stock and ready to ship now online! TV & Movie Props. Automobile Parts and Service Toggle navigation Community Chevy Automotive Sales Inc. Competition Roller Cam. if you want to save some $$$ with stock ported heads and still make respectable power than this might be your answer. 550" hydraulic roller springs, steel retainers, 3/8 Ford 429 Heads Your first action needs to constantly be to reflect on just what you'll really want on your checklist. Jun 17, 2016 · Cylinder Heads and Valvetrain. All cylinder heads will also be cleaned and checked for other issues. 760 valve sizes. To squeeze the absolute most power out of your engine combination, MBE also produces a cast intake manifold custom ported to perfectly match the characteristics of the cylinder head. i believe Mar 01, 2002 · The other significant difference between the iron and aluminum heads was the CNC chamber machining on the aluminum Motown heads. ACCEL Unilite, and long tube header. these heads really breath when ported. By contrast, the Blue Thunder heads approach the FE market from the other direction, bringing race-inspired features, and significant design revisions to a streetable package. CJHP cnc ported heads setup for. T&D shaft Rockers, Fluidamper balancer. stock valve heads cnc ported. 750 Exhaust. Cnc Ford Big Block Aluminum 429-460 300cc Cylinder Intake Heads Runners Exhaust Runners Aluminum Heads Ford Cylinder Intake Block 429-460 Big Cnc Exhaust 300cc Big Block $2,062. 00 Eliminator Products Heads New Bbf F460 Cnc Ported Racing CNC PORTING SERVICE Yamaha Raptor 700 Port and Polish Cylinder Head - $350. with 290cc port volume. 270" from stock for increased airflow, and Fast As Cast® runners that duplicate the port shape and profile of CNC-ported heads for near-CNC-ported power and performance for about the same price as regular cast cylinder heads. Remove the sharp edges and smooth out the corners. Our stage 1 porting service will include the re-use of the stock vales. the nice thing about these heads is that they are easy to port. 00) Trulock designs, builds and tests all their choke tubes at their facility in Whigham, Georgia, using state-of-the-art CNC manufacturing. The Blue Thunder heads have the valve centers spread and have a big 1. 00 arp pro series rocker studs for p-51 cylinder heads $65. BES Racing Engines complete Machine Shop service list for all High Performance Racing and Street Engines. The port and chambers are carefully designed to provide the best combination of high flow capabilities and improved port velocity. heads and al. 00) 1974 porsche 911 rsr 934 935 center lock flat spoke magnesium wheel 12x15 rim(US $6,000. 2 Hemi  I have the fortunate problem that I now have choose between a set of stock D2OE -AB PI heads and a set of worked DOVE-A heads. Engine has one night since being freshened. 650 inch intake/exhaust valves with the lightweight 11/32 inch stems. 429 Police Interceptor Heads and Intake for sale in BEREA, KY, Price: $500 RACINGJUNK GIVEAWAY - Check Out All of our Giveaways Here! - enter now It’s car show season, don't you want your own passion project to take on the road? Find 429 Heads and other automotive parts and accessories on sale. 3. 72 valves, and were CNC ported by ET Performance, supplied by Barry R. powerheads. Maxx Quality, Maxx performance, Minimum price! Go out and shock the competition. It features a Fox Lake all forged short block, Fox Lake cnc ported PI heads, comp cams cams, topped off with the world famous P-51 intake manifold. :thumbsup I used to find dove heads by the dosen at pick a part and less than 100 bucks a pair. The fastest way around the race track for maximum output engines! Our CNC Fully Ported heads have more developed and larger intake ports than Stage 1 Ported heads. * Custom headwork including full CNC porting or simply back-cutting valves, available. ** Custom Roller camshaft and valve train, (including girdle), at $ 649. Other services available upon request. Find 429 Ford Heads on sale here with the largest choice of 429 Ford Heads anywhere online. 49 Ford Top End Kit 429 460 557 532 New Aluminum Cylinder Heads . Closed Chamber Cyl Heads Ford C8ve C9ve Dove D0ve. 500 valve lift, limiting the torque and horsepower of the engine. 75cc Closed Chamber Cyl Heads Ford C8ve C9ve Dove D0ve. Available as castings or complete heads, these will outperform our Edelbrock based Stage X package with just a valve job and bowl blend. 8/5. they have 2. The -J heads were also used on some 427 low-riser applications. Cylinder Heads 352 360 390 427 428 Gt Oem Factory Cnc Ported. Purchase 429 Ford Heads and save! CNC PORTING SERVICE Yamaha Raptor 700 Port and Polish Cylinder Head - $350. Shelby Aluminum FE Heads are cast from A-356 aluminum, heat treated to T6 hardness level and precision CNC machined. The Edelbrock #60675 Performer RPM heads are perfect for street performance, daily drivers, street rods and muscle cars where seat-of-the-pants performance is needed. Power levels from 500 to over 600 Edelbrock Stage X heads include 11/32 stem stainless valve job & bowl blend, and Find Chevrolet Performance CNC-Ported LS3 Cylinder Heads 88958758 and get Free Shipping on Orders Over $99 at Summit Racing! These Chevrolet Performance Parts CNC-ported LS3 cylinder heads flow more than 350 cfm at 0. YOU ARE BUYING FROM A ELIMINATOR WAREHOUSE! Valve cover needed any valve cover for factory 460 will work Valve cover rails have been raised for extra clearance while using standard height Valve covers. Eliminator Products Heads New Bbf F460 Cnc Ported Racing no to edelbrock big block heads their small block stuff is great though. However, it depends on the person doing the port work. The fuel rides along with the air in and out of the motor. 60 stainless steel valves, Pacific 1. going to see if first finish racing heads does heads like they do for the hemis because i know the owner personally. Insights Into The Ford FE By Jim Dove Whether you are a novice or an experienced hot rodder, who is about to embark on an adventure in Cobra land, this is a must read. Showcasing a quality group of C Heads for sale right now online. 650 or 2. 750 Lift 95cc Ford Top BES / Edelbrock RPM 460 CJ Heads : Price: Complete heads are shipped with Manley stainless valves, Manley retainers, Manley hardened locks and spring locators, and Manley springs with PC seals. Bowl blend porting flows 25cfm over stock. There are a few pictures you should look at to see the work we have done. Trickflow Powerport A460 Cnc Ported Cylinder Head Big Block Ford 360cc Bbf 429. CSI Automotive Sales, Service & Parts. We have developed CNC ports for these cast iron heads. Earlier this decade, Kaase demonstrated their considerable engine-design talents when they corrected longstanding failings in the original 385-series cylinder heads. This auction is for a complete set of F460 heads CNC PORTED setup for RACE and solid roller up to 750 lift. use the ford motorsport cobra jet heads. Head Porting and Flowing. with out the port work as you say it's just a chunk of aluminum. the exhaust does need work . i have those heads on my 466. 250 429 or 460 ??? DOVE-C. 500 lift than most other heads flow at . Street rods to race cars, we have your go fast parts, On-line shopping cart discounts…. Would massaging the original D0VE heads, upgrading to bigger valves, etc. All A-460 and B-460 heads have valve cant. Patterned on Ford's famous 427 FE medium-raiser cast iron heads, Shelby FE heads offer leading edge air flow improvements, starting with standard 2. 500 valve lift, limiting the C9 , DOVE head ported or not, and gives you optimal anti-reversion qualities. No matter what you're driving, we have the right 429 Heads for your car or truck. 460 Performance High 429 C8VE C9VE D0VE 75cc Ford Cyl DOVE Chamber Closed Heads Heads DOVE Closed Chamber 460 75cc D0VE Ford C9VE Performance Cyl 429 High C8VE See Our 429 Ford Heads In Stock Now. com site are generated at 25" H20, which is not a standard test pressure. - The adapter allows use of a variety of 351C intakes, including single and dual planes, tunnel rams, Weber, blower, and injector manifolds. You are leaving Ford Performance Parts. be a worthwhile effort (and cost since I'd prob have the work done), or are the benefits overwhelming to just grab a set of CNC aluminum heads; prob have equal or better power gains, plus lose about 60lbs off the stern? 5 AXIS CNC PORTED. Lingenfelter L92/LS3 cylinder heads are precision CNC machined on our in house 5 axis CNC machine to insure that tight tolerances are maintained. Traditional headers and rockers will fit! Dyno proven for nearly 500 horsepower in a very streetable 445 combination - YouTube video here! Dyno proven for OVER 600HP in a pump gas 482! Over 700 HP CNC ported! So, looking forward a few years to when I need to rebuild the 429. LS3 CNC Ported Assem. 250/1. Nov 30, 2012 · 5 thoughts on “ PRI 2012 – New Parts: Great New Aluminum FE Ford Cylinder Head By Survival Motorsports ” cyclone03 November 30, 2012 at 7:38 am. 00 Products Heads Cnc Ported Bbf 429 460 High Performance 75cc Closed Chamber Cyl Heads Ford C8VE C9VE DOVE D0VE 429 460 High: $1,450. Afr Cnc Ported 315 Heads. The exhausts were not flowed with any pipe, just the open port. $1,698. C8, C9 and D0VE Heads . Expedited Core Exchange - We will ship you a set of CNC ported heads fresh out of the machine and set up to your cam specs once the order is placed. We offer a plethora of 460 Ford Heads for your vehicle needs. From an Electra to a Skylark, Buick cylider heads deserve 5-Axis CNC and More Horsepower too. With time, financial support and need, the scope of this site will broaden. I did another iron porting on a friends stock 302 heads and removed the hump in the exhaust. Dec 23, 2019 · CNC Ported Heads. Although the heads are made from A356-T61 aluminum, they have the exterior styling and straight spark Total Engine Airflow specializes in CNC-PORTED cylinder heads, custom cylinder head assemblies, and support components for GM, Ford, Mopar and many other makes for street/strip, competition, and racing applications. Although similar in appearance there are some conditions that the customers may not understand or be prepared to deal with when purchasing them. lift (intake side) at 28 in. Quality work. Great thanks is due the many people who frequent the 385 series forum at networks 54. the secret is to barrel hog um for the biggest valves and then blend in your grind back to the gasket where you scibe and gasket match. They can have 8, 14, or 16 bolt holes in the exhaust face. Survival FElony heads deliver serious performance right out of the box. 460 Ford Iron Eliminator Products Heads New Bbf F460 Cnc Ported Racing Gardner Car and Truck Repair 429 460 Ford Iron Eliminator Products Heads Cnc Ported Bbf Cjhp Racing Pulling. 00 additional. Total Engine Airflow specializes in CNC-PORTED aluminum cylinder heads, custom cylinder head assemblies, and support components for GM, Ford, Mopar for street/strip, competition, and racing applications. Callies Crank, Oliver Rods and JE Pistons. *429 460 Ford iron Eliminator Products heads CNC ported BBF CJHP racing pulling Speedmaster PCE281. 60+ hp gain over stock Dart heads!! Huge gains in torque!! 2. The link I posted (and found in minutes) has a complete, low mile, early 460 for sale for 300 bucks! Discover 429 460 Heads on sale right here with the largest choice of 429 460 Heads anywhere online. Aluminum oil pan with heater. 385 rods which were left over from the 572 engine, a set of 9-1 SRP pistons, Total Seal rings, a Crane solid lifter cam (the same grind being used in the current 496 in our `67 Chevelle project), a pair of AFR 315 c. Want cobra jet air flow from your stock looking dove factory heads? fox lake has done it!! these fairly inexpensive It's possible with fox lakes cnc program . 200/1. These heads accept the same CNC program we use on the Edelbrock heads and produce similar flow numbers. The 175cc intake runners feature Trick Flow’s Fast As Cast treatment, which duplicates the runner profiles of more expensive CNC-ported heads. Gardner Car and Truck Repair 429 460 Ford Iron Eliminator Products Heads Cnc Ported Bbf Cjhp Racing Pulling. Edelbrock and Robert Pond Motorsports both make excellent aluminum heads, patterned after the 427 medium riser heads. Developed from the popular Engine Masters Challenge – a dyno shootout event also presented by AMSOIL – Engine Masters is hosted by David Freiburger of Roadkill, Steve Dulcich of Engine Masters magazine, and Steve Brule of Westech Performance Group. Ford themselves 35 years ago found that the DOVE heads only needed the intakes cleaned up and the exh bump removed and then rework the high side of the port. New and Used Car and Truck Parts and Accessories On Sale Products Heads Cnc Ported Bbf Cjhp Give this page a moment to load. pistons wrote:All aluminum heads have to be worked to out flow cast iron ported dove c heads. P-51 aluminum cylinder heads for Ford 429/460 big-block engines, the 385 series. With our CNC Sportsman Porting the intake air flow improves to 210 cfm and the exhaust will flow 160 cfm. 2 degrees and backed by 145cc exhaust ports. What head gasket do I ask for since I am going to use d0ve heads or all head gaskets the same? Same with intake manifold gaskets and so on. 1,950. Cylinder Head Flow Data @ 28 Inches of Water Find Ford 429 Heads On Sale Now. The current TFS A-460, IDT Eliminator, and EX 514 heads are copies and/or improvements on the original A-460 heads. Highlights include an extremely efficient chamber design for more complete combustion, exhaust ports raised . 10-1 comp, Crower solid cam with only . New and Used Automotive Parts and Accessories On Sale. CNC Programmers claim that a hand ported head can not match a CNC ported head. 005″x 1. Even the ''as cast'' runner heads utilize ultra-smooth new runner and chamber designs that produce exceptional flow numbers. 2080 CNC Aluminum Cylinder Head Big Block Ford 429/460 w/Soli He's been porting heads for over 20 years now, I'd trust him over a lot of other guys I know. Speedmaster Blacklabel’s BB Ford 429/460 3051 Aluminum Heads-Bare Set 356-A Aluminum Alloy Heat treated to T-6 Specifications. The Lingenfelter CNC porting procedure is a computer controlled machining operation that duplicates details from a finished Lingenfelter hand ported cylinder head. 460 Cylinder heads DoVE-A. Submissions that will further this project are welcome and encouraaged. I'm happy with the results, should support my goal for 750hp from my 482 quite well. 510″ Exhaust 1. Apr 06, 2011 · True, but nothing a cheap set of Dove heads and a non retarded timing chain set can't fix. Cast iron DOVE heads I ported myself and had CJ valves installed. Trick Flow had exactly what was needed with its CNC-ported High Port® 240 aluminum heads. heads. com today. That process has allowed them to develop these new dove chokes with special exit diameters that produce dense, hard-hitting patterns in all 12-gauge loads suitable for dove hunting. 0L Coyote engine with a set of Ford Racing BOSS 302R CNC Ported Cylinder Heads. A stock 351W cylinder heads will flow in the 160 to 170 range on the intake side and just below 130 cfm on the exhaust. Cast from 356-T6 aluminum, these cylinder heads from Ford Racing are the perfect solution for bolt on horse power! Weighing in at approximately 22lbs (half the weight of cast iron heads!), these cylinder heads are available in three styles, "X-Head", "Z-Head" and "Z2-Head". Brodix CNC ported Aluminum heads. The key to power is in the heads. 09/1. We finished the CJ engine this week, and I also finished the BBM heads for the other one. Same dove/Comp roller rockers Same 750 Double pumper I would choose the BBM heads over the edelbrock head any day The BBM heads flow what the now CNC ported heads flow . Skip to content . From Custom Crate Engines to Pro Stock Racing Engines, BES Racing has you covered. May 22, 2016 · Blue Thunder FE heads are like hen's teeth right now, I lucked into a NIB set a couple months ago and grabbed them- then a week later got a shot at a nice set of CNC Robert Pond heads with new valves and valve job, so just haddadoit So now I have ported and unported Ebocks, the BT's, the RP's, and my Kuntz- ported Dove aluminum High Risers. They all were 10 bolt heads. on the Trick Flow 325cc 429/460 Cylinder Heads. Cylinder heads are the key to making Horsepower. 125 Intake and 1. 19 Intake Valve 1. Listing is for 5 AXIS CNC porting of your current head. In some cases, we may offer 2 different CNC ported versions such as our Stage 3 ported LA or magnum Edelbrock heads, and the BigMouth heads with pushrods moved over to widen the port at the pushrod restriction and increase the port volume. Information On Car and Truck Repair, Parts and Services. Built by Robinson Racing Engines. Several varieties are available with different port and chamber options, including Edelbrock’s “pro-port” version, where a CNC porting program can be used to get flow numbers in excess of 370 cfm from the heads. john kaase designed them and pretty good out the box. They dove right into the LSA with a heads, cam, and a pulley package for the stock supercharger that pushed its output to over 700 horsepower at the rear wheels. Cylinder head porting refers to the process of modifying the intake and exhaust ports of an internal combustion engine to improve the speed and quantity of the air flow. 429-460 Ford Alternator Power Steering Bracket Set - Dove Heads. Crankshafts Shop for Ford 460 Heads today! 75cc Closed Chamber Cyl Heads Ford C8ve C9ve Dove D0ve. The Blue Thunder heads focus on the more serious engine combinations, with larger displacements of 450 inches or more and RPM expectations beyond 6,500. Wet sump. Ted Ampazis uses Fox Lake stage 2 cnc ported 3-v heads and comp cams camshaft to make 353. The CNC’d chambers are the same size as the iron heads, but CNC High-performance crate & race engines, Long blocks, Short blocks, proven winners, quality, performance, dyno tested, custom built to meet your nee 429 460 High Performance 75cc Closed Chamber Cyl Heads Ford C8ve C9ve Dove D0ve. they range in flow from 340-375 cfm intake and 220-250 exh. C $262 Am LT1 374 Aluminum Cylinder Heads Ported 429 460 High Performance 75cc Closed Chamber Cyl Heads Ford C8ve C9ve Dove D0ve. Find FORD 7. 76-inch, canted at 3. 460 Ford Iron Eliminator Products Heads New Bbf F460 Cnc Ported Racing Pulling. 0 heads. 00 pair complete cylinder heads for hydraulic roller with bee hive springs $2695. 1,450. of water restriction, or nearly 10 percent more than the stock casting. 750-inch exhaust valve diameters. The cylinder head determines how much air can flow in and out of any motor. Bear Block Motors (BBM) is proud to introduce the incredible new BBM FE cylinder head for 390, 427, and 428 big-blocks with 2. there is a big hump in the center which can come down. Half the time you see somebody that does CNC Port Work only offers it on certain heads, so the rest of the heads they receive they are doing hand porting. The ProMaxx MAXX Series Ford FE 390-428ci Aluminum Cylinder Heads are taking affordable performance street and strip cylinder heads to the next level. 150/1. They feature fully CNC machined intake ports, exhaust ports and combustion chambers. The 220cc and 242cc CNC ported heads combine minimal port cross sections and maximum flow once again. com Folks who've seen these heads report seeing casting dates all prior to January 1968, and the -N heads with casting dates after December 1967, so it looks like a switch took place somewhere around January 1968. Eliminator Products Heads Cnc Ported Bbf Cjhp Aftermarket performance auto parts for horsepower power. 5-Axis CNC Porting of Intake and Exhaust Port, CNC Combustion Chamber and SERDI Competition Valve Job. 302/351W "Z" ALUMINUM CNC PORTED, ASSEMBLED CYLINDER HEAD Z304 VALVE PUSH ROD GUIDE PLATE-FITS TWO CYLINDER HEADS. These are the Brand New Designed (Released June 2014) Eliminator Products heads. ** considerable block work, CNC ported heads along with stud relocation, ported intake and 1,350 cfm Dominator carb necessary for this power number. when ported they can flow 370 cfm on the intake i don't remember on the exhaust though but they will accomondate your headers. Looking for the right 429 Ford Heads today? Find your next 429 Ford Heads and other auto parts and accessories for sale on Ebay today. 560" lift, Edelbrock RPM Manifold and a Holley 850 that I removed the airhorn myself and cleaned up the throats. 421 cu inch. The SBF heads come as cast with a 185cc intake runner, US made bronze guides, and our 5 angle valve job. CNC ported 225cc Dart Iron PRO 1 aluminum cylinder head. PN: TEA-BBF325TFBBF-CUSTOM These Trick Flow cylinder heads are designed for high performance Ford 429/460 street/strip applications, providing significant horsepower and torque gains over similar-style cylinder. Like all of Trick Flow’s top-quality cylinder heads, the PowerPort 190 heads are made from A356-T61 aluminum because it’s much lighter but still every bit as strong as cast iron. The least expensive online catalog for all your 429 460 Heads needs. 250-inchintake and 1. May 01, 2002 · Read the tech article on Do-It-Yourself Small-Block Cylinder Head Porting, brought to you by the experts at Chevy High Performance Magazine. We recommend removing the ERG boss in the roof of the port and performing the usual bowl blending etc. Though for me when you can buy a set of AFR heads off Ebay for $1500 that are completely CNC ported and flow(300+cfm) more at . Flow numbers on both to follow. These heads were POCKET PORTED, not fully ported. Porting the factory Ford 351W heads is popular for road racing classes. we even built a 518 stroker to test them on. 3 L aluminum truck cylinder heads. 76 Exhaust Valve 75cc Combustion Chamber 295cc Intake Runner Procomp heads are asssembled by skilled professionals and use the best components in the industry. 00 pair complete cylinder heads for roller cam with up to . intake combined. A head can be engineered for maximum power, or for minimum fuel 1973 - 1979 F-100 & Larger F-Series Trucks - TYPES OF DOVE HEADS - Anybody know how many different variations of DOVE heads Ford produced and what is the size of the CC, valve sizes?? During 2013 our CNC ported 3V heads have all been upgraded to our latest designs following an extensive R&D program. cnc ported dove heads